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Personal Training

When you book a personal training session with me you get so much more than an hour once, twice or even three times a week. You get a support system, a cheerleader, an accountability partner, a friend, and a lifestyle fitness coach.


Why Chose Training the Older Adult Bryson City?

Suitable for Beginners & Active Older Adults (Seniors over 50)

Proven Results

Personal Guidance

Certified Trainer

What We Offer!

Taking the leap and reaching out to a personal trainer can be a scary thing. It requires you to be 100 percent open and honest and reveal personal details about your health, and habits, both related to nutrition and exercise.

It is my hope in getting to work with my clients that I help establish life long and sustainable habits and lifestyle changes.


What I don’t offer is a quick fix. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds in a short amount of time for an event or a special occasion then I’m not the trainer for you.

What I do offer is a gradual process to help you build up your strength, self- confidence, flexibility, balance, someone to talk to, ask questions of, give you a safe place to work on whatever challenges you might be facing both mental and physical. I’m willing to meet you where you’re at and go from there. Several of my clients have been with me for 7 years!!


"I feel this combination of expertise makes my approach to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals unique. I have the tools and training to help you overcome YOUR impossible!"

- Shannon Royce, Founder of Live.Live.Healthy.

If this sounds like it’s something you’re looking for then contact me for your free consultation, let’s see if we’re a match and if we can begin your journey to better health and wellness.



Will you be one of them?

"I have been working with Shannon for about three weeks now and I must say I am already amazed! Her ability to motivate and push me has really been an encouragement. Each workout with her boosts my confidence that I will reach my ultimate goals. She is encouraging and really cares about her clients. I would her as a personal trainer 100%!"


Austin M

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